Aged care homes (nursing homes)

As you grow older, you may find that you need more help with day-to-day tasks or health care. If you are living on your own and not able to get out and about as easily as you used to, you may also want some extra company. Sometimes, the best way to receive help and support can be by living in an aged care home (sometimes known as a nursing home) either on a permanent basis or for a short stay (called ‘residential respite’).

You may need help because of an illness, a disability, an emergency, or because of the needs of your family, friends or carer. Staff at aged care homes can help you with day-to-day tasks (such as cleaning, cooking, laundry); personal care (such as dressing, grooming, going to the toilet); or 24-hour nursing care (such as wound care, catheter care).

Aged care homes are owned and run by people who are approved by the Australian Government to care for you. The aged care system in Australia aims to make sure that all older people can receive support and quality care when they need it.

Considering an aged care home

Deciding to move into an aged care home is often a time of stress, high emotion, a longing for the past and uncertainty about the future. It is a challenging and emotional decision for the person moving and their family, friends and carers.

Living in an aged care home

Each aged care home is different. There will be new routines, new environments and new people, all living together under one roof. You may have help with many of the day-to-day tasks that you’ve been used to always doing for yourself, and there will be plenty of social activities going on in your new home.

Multi-Purpose Services for small rural and remote communities

The Multi-Purpose Service programme provides integrated health and aged care services for some small rural and remote communities in Australia.

End of life care in aged care homes

If you are caring for someone nearing the end of their life, who is living in an aged care home, staff will help them to feel as comfortable and supported as possible. Staff in the aged care home can help in developing a care plan to best support the care needs of the person.

Quality of care in an aged care home

Quality indicators measure outcomes of care and services received in an aged care home. Read more about how they may affect you or someone you care for.